Open Casting describes a simple process where air-free metered and mixed epoxy or urethane formulations are poured into open-top molds. Batch degassing tanks and continuous thin-film degassers supply heated, degassed air-free materials for automatic metering, mixing and dispensing applications that require no visible air bubbles in the finished open cast parts. Open casting can be combined with spin casting or compression molding.

Products Manufactured — with this application:
  • Golf Balls
  • Low-Voltage Electronic Coils
  • Automotive Distributors
  • Wheels & Rollers
  • Hydrocyclones and Impellers
  • Forklift Truck Tires
  • Paper-Making & Printing Rolls
Reactive Thermoset Resins Processed - (Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Polyesters, Vinyl Esters, Silicones and Polyimids):
  • Abrasive-Filled and Unfilled, Reactive Thermoset Resins
  • With or without aluminum oxide, silica sand or glass powder fillers.
  • With or without solid or hollow microspheres.
  • 2 to 8 – Metered Components
  • Heated or Room-Temperature Formulations
Industries Using These Resin Dispensing Machine Processes:
  • Electrical
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Industrial
  • Recreational
  • Medical
  • Consumer Products
Each of these DeSantis Mechatronics Dispensing Systems optionally include:
  • Programmed PLC or PC-Controllers with Touchscreen Interface
  • Digital User-Presets for Ratio, Shot-Size, Output-Rate, Temperatures, Vacuum Levels and Mixer Speed.
  • Batch Material Preparation Tanks – apply heat, agitation and vacuum to the materials in batches
  • or Continuous Thin Film Degassers – heat, agitate and degas materials on-the-fly.
  • Vacuum Control System – for precise vacuum level control in the degassing tanks.
  • Solid Curative Melting Systems
  • Rotary Gear Metering Pumps or Piston Metering Pumps
  • Digital, Servomotor Drives for the Metering Pumps or Wedge-Driven Piston Metering Pumps
  • Mass Flowmeters or Mechanical Flow Meters
  • Static or Dynamic Mixers
  • Purge Systems
  • Data Logger
  • Color Metering Systems
  • Vacuum Pumps

Learn how any of these systems can work for your open cast application.