Accurate and repeatable system performance with no unnecessary sophistication make the Flying Wedge HT-Series shot dispensing systems both affordable and dependable. Driven by a common, linear, adjustable- ratio wedge mechanism, the piston pumps on these systems are specifically designed to handle 2 to 4-component abrasive-filled and unfilled cast urethane, epoxy, polyester and cast nylon formulations. They are used in open-casting, vacuum-casting (into molds potted inside our custom-designed vacuum chambers,) low-pressure injection, VARTM (Vacuum-Assisted RTM) and closed-mold RTM resin injection applications, where mixed-material output pressures range from 0 to 600 PSI.

Metering pump sizes are selected to match your ratio and output requirements. Accurate ratio settings are made by selecting the proper angle of the adjustable B-component side of the wedge and locking it down. When the footswitch is depressed, the ratio-preset wedge moves forward, displacing linear (on-ratio) streams of A and B component materials to the static (motionless) or dynamic (motor-driven) mixer. (Outputs: 1 to 35 lbs/min) (Ratios: 1:1 to 1:100)

On the charge cycle, constant positive material pressure from the tanks drives the pistons out of their respective cylinders and leans both pistons up against the wedge. This material pressure
from the tanks is created by nitrogen over-pressure or mechanical feed pumps submerged in the material or mounted under the tanks. Also on the charge cycle, the wedge is drawn back independent of the movement of the pistons, so the pistons are never pulled out of their respective cylinders. This eliminates both air and liquid resin cavitation inside the cylinders.

All compartments and heater assemblies have removable slide-out panels. Heaters are ceramic-enclosed infrared type. The wedge and piston clevis guides are mounted on linear ball-bearing slides for long service life. Component injectors and ratio-taking ports are located at the mixer.

Flying Wedge® HT-Series Piston Pump Metering & Mixing Systems
Flying Wedge® HT-Series Piston Pump Metering & Mixing Systems